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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word "Pâturage" mean?

«Pâturage» is a French word that means «Pasture» in English.

Which hosting providers are supported?

This page shows a list of tested web hosting providers. If you have installed Pâturage at another hosting service, please help us complete this list.

What language is used to comment the source code? Why don't you use English, like everyone else?

In most free software projects, English is used a an international language: variables and function names, comments, etc are generally written in English, but also the user interface and documentation.

We consider this situation is unfair for the following reasons:

  • for most people in the world, English is difficult to master due to its irregularities; for non-native english speakers, participating in a project, either as a developer or as a translator, will be difficult. Software internationalization involves a lot of people with poor results: today, there are too many badly translated free software due to confusing English sources.
  • while a lot of people in the world spend time and energy writing programs using English, documenting them in English and translating them from English, only native English speakers are entitled to write and use sofwtare right in their mother tongue!

By using Esperanto in this program, we want to promote a better way to manage international software projects. In fact, Esperanto is much easier to learn than most native languages: as a result, it will be easier for people to write and use software in a language that they can understand. Translating from Esperanto will be easier and more reliable, and no one will be arbitrarily exempted from doing it!

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